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Global Sourcing and Procurement

Contrax-Tech understands the crucial role that supply chain services play in our customer’s business, and continuously strives to provide sustainable solutions. Contrax-Tech is uniquely positioned in commodities such as printed circuit boards (PCB) and electro-mechanical components, and can achieve cost reduction for our customers in solutions such as injection molded plastics, metal stampings, sheet metal, extrusions, membrane switches, cable and other products, all of which typically have significant costs involved within electronic assemblies.

Managing product through its entire product life cycle is crucial to our customer’s success. By utilizing cutting edge technology, Contrax-Tech can provide assistance from inception of a product through field service requirements and manage the life cycle of critical components on the BOM.

Our sourcing and procurement teams are globally positioned to search out and develop the most cost-effective material supply available. Our global commodity reach allows Contrax-Tech to utilize the best suppliers around the globe, while our regional commodity teams bring value to local customers requiring unique solutions for their regional needs.

Supply Chain Flexibility and Visibility

Contax-Tech supports customers in focusing on initiatives that help them to gain and maintain a cost-effective competitive advantage by providing end-to-end supply chain services enabling the optimization of each step within the chain.

We offer vendor managed inventory, consignment programs as well as warehousing management initiatives to assist our customers to reduce their lead times, ensure consistent supply and reduce their inventory carrying costs.

Contrax-Tech offers supply chain services enabling the optimization of each step within the chain. These services are available to Contrax-Tech customers with or without inventory ownership. By combining Contrax-Tech internal competencies, our supply chain services allow our customers to make better, cost-effective decisions.

Kanban and Lean Supply Chain

Contax-Tech Kanban programs are geared towards providing customers with flexibility and adaptability to address customer demand patterns. Working directly with our customers to design a lean supply chain our Kanban systems combined with our direct fulfillment provide a complete third party logistics solution for those customers that require greater levels of flexibility, visibility and responsiveness when it comes to their supply chain requirements.

Direct Fulfillment and Aftermarket Services

Contax-Tech direct fulfillment and aftermarket services are designed to complement our state of the art supply chain, engineering and manufacturing service offerings in order to provide the customer with a complete solution for their product supply chain. Contax-Tech delivers finished, fully configured units to our customers globally.

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