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Through-Hole Assembly

Through-hole technology is the process of constructing electronic circuits where pin-through hole (PTH) elements are inserted with predrilled holes into printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is an ideal option to provide additional security against the insensitive environment, mechanical stress, higher levels of power, and voltage situations.

At Contrax-Tech, our through-hole PCB assembly solutions are inspected impressively to produce high-quality products for end-users. We use both automated and manual through-hole assembly process to deal with small volume production and various assembly challenges. Whether you need a complete through-hole PCBs or blend of both surface mount and through-hole boards, we are proficient enough to build almost everything as per your specific requirements.

Benefits of Our Through-Hole PCB Assembly

Convenient Prototyping: Our through-hole equipment is quite reliable and can be swapped out very easily.

Higher heat tolerance technology: Our products are integrated with durability to protect against extreme collisions, accelerations, and environmental disorders.

Great Power Handling Capacity: Our through-hole soldering makes a good strength between components and the board which is absolutely perfect to handle high power, high voltage and mechanical issues involving semiconductors, connectors, transformers, and electrolytic capacitors.

Quality Assurance Team to Monitor Quality and Improvement Process

With a strong reputation for satisfactory and the finest products, our team has the ability to manage leaded and lead-free (RoHS) applications quite efficiently. Our valuable interconnections and accurate soldering temperatures ensure to offer unmatched solder joint integrity. We serve through-hole assembly services to many clients associated with medical, automotive, communication, lighting, security, display technology, and various other markets.

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