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Printed Circuit Layout

Contrax-Tech provides genuine printed circuit layout services across all segments of the electronics industry. After crossing several milestones in the past, we have accomplished an advanced knowledge of using exceptional equipment, high technology, and prototyping. Our printed circuit designs feature diverse technologies such as high density, better speed, digital, analog, power supplies, wireless, and backplane. Whether you directly supply schematic design or want to capture a schematic entry, our expert team is proficient enough to deliver high-quality and reliable printed circuit board design experience.

We have the ability to help multiple industries to overcome the challenges of rapid and flexible design. We allow our clients to move effortlessly into their build plan and speed up their time to market. We are capable of the manufacturing flex circuit, flex cable, digital designs, analog designs, and a lot more to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Printed Circuit Design Services – Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Offer Valuable Solutions

At Contrax-Tech, we persistently focus on all stages from designing a circuit board layout to verification and supplying in order to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. Once we are done with the circuit board layout, we have a great knowledge of transforming our design into reality using total turn-key solutions. All you can expect faster turnarounds, advanced technology usage, and talented team.

Our experienced team has advanced capabilities for creating simple double-sided boards with through-hole elements. Whether you need a PCB layout from design schematics, want to update your existing design, or want a new PCB design, we can help you with everything.

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