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Chassis Assembly

A chassis is an important component to give support and shape to vehicles. Good quality chassis equipment is necessary to raise the life and effective management of your automobiles. The chassis assembly is mainly used for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, motorcycles, and much more in order to integrate the strong structure.

Contrax-Tech is a prominent chassis assembly manufacturer and supplier to reduce the complexities of the automobile production process. Our vast experience in the field of vehicle equipment helps us to deliver a wide choice of variants to the end consumers. From start to finish, we perform all the management, delivery and installation tasks to fulfill the requirements of the automotive industry. Our chassis production team simplifies the entire process by providing a complete line of assembly with genuine testing and torque equipment.

Supply High-Quality Chassis after Verifiable Testing and Inspections

At Contrax-Tech, we understand that automotive body structure is a substantial capital investment for automobile manufacturers. With our vast experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying of chassis assembly system, we have the ability to serve the finest equipment to a number of vehicle makers and automotive companies as per their specific requirements.

Be it lean manufacturing stations, fixtures or fully automated production lines, our technical team has a great proficiency and understanding to build an effective solution for all your manufacturing needs. Our proven background in assemblies, testing, vision, and material handling system enables us to offer a reliable automation solution that fits your needs in an effective manner.

So look no further and count on our chassis assembly for all your automobile manufacturing needs.

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