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Printed Circuit Layout

Contrax-Tech provides genuine printed circuit layout services across all segments of the electronics industry. After crossing several milestones in the past, we have accomplished an advanced knowledge of using exceptional equipment, high technology, and prototyping. Our printed circuit designs feature diverse technologies such as high density, better speed, digital, analog, power supplies, wireless, and backplane. Whether you directly supply schematic design or want to capture a schematic entry, our expert team is proficient enough to deliver high-quality and reliable printed circuit board design experience.

We have the ability to help multiple industries to overcome the challenges of rapid and flexible design. We allow our clients to move effortlessly into their build plan and speed up their time to market. We are capable of the manufacturing flex circuit, flex cable, digital designs, analog designs, and a lot more to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Printed Circuit Design Services – Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Offer Valuable Solutions

At Contrax-Tech, we persistently focus on all stages from designing a circuit board layout to verification and supplying in order to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. Once we are done with the circuit board layout, we have a great knowledge of transforming our design into reality using total turn-key solutions. All you can expect faster turnarounds, advanced technology usage, and talented team.

Our experienced team has advanced capabilities for creating simple double-sided boards with through-hole elements. Whether you need a PCB layout from design schematics, want to update your existing design, or want a new PCB design, we can help you with everything.

Electronic Assembly

Over the past years, Contrax-Tech has been building strong relationships with automotive, industrial, medical, communication, and many other industries. We produce excellent electronic assemblies for a wide range of applications such as circuit board production, system integration and repair, ESD protection and personal grounding, wire and cable harnessing, and much more.

Our team holds an in-depth knowledge of electronic assembly material and truly committed to delivering quality products to the customers. We have the capability to manage even the most complicated assemblies. Whatever the challenge is, our administration can help to develop reliable solutions from designing equipment to the final stage of supplying.

Get Superior Quality and Genuine Services at Contrax-Tech

At Contrax-Tech, we produce every electronic assembly with constant attention on precision and worth. We highly focus on designing the finest quality products, delivering comprehensive customer service and testing support that helps you to gain success. Since a long time, we have been working hard to expand our resources talent, equipment, and methodologies to serve high-quality electronic assembly at competitive prices.

With the professional team of operators and latest equipment, Contrax-Tech is armed to offer tested electronic assembly for multiple applications from simple to complex. Our electronic assemblies have the ability to deliver an inclusive spectrum of benefits to automation and machinery purposes. Our common electronic assembly components include electronic chassis, prototypes, enclosures, power panel assemblies, medical devices, and a lot more. Our advanced quality management, inspection, and monitoring purposes allow us to deliver faultless products to the consumers.

Through-Hole Assembly

Through-hole technology is the process of constructing electronic circuits where pin-through hole (PTH) elements are inserted with predrilled holes into printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is an ideal option to provide additional security against the insensitive environment, mechanical stress, higher levels of power, and voltage situations.

At Contrax-Tech, our through-hole PCB assembly solutions are inspected impressively to produce high-quality products for end-users. We use both automated and manual through-hole assembly process to deal with small volume production and various assembly challenges. Whether you need a complete through-hole PCBs or blend of both surface mount and through-hole boards, we are proficient enough to build almost everything as per your specific requirements.

Benefits of Our Through-Hole PCB Assembly

Convenient Prototyping: Our through-hole equipment is quite reliable and can be swapped out very easily.

Higher heat tolerance technology: Our products are integrated with durability to protect against extreme collisions, accelerations, and environmental disorders.

Great Power Handling Capacity: Our through-hole soldering makes a good strength between components and the board which is absolutely perfect to handle high power, high voltage and mechanical issues involving semiconductors, connectors, transformers, and electrolytic capacitors.

Quality Assurance Team to Monitor Quality and Improvement Process

With a strong reputation for satisfactory and the finest products, our team has the ability to manage leaded and lead-free (RoHS) applications quite efficiently. Our valuable interconnections and accurate soldering temperatures ensure to offer unmatched solder joint integrity. We serve through-hole assembly services to many clients associated with medical, automotive, communication, lighting, security, display technology, and various other markets.

Chassis Assembly

A chassis is an important component to give support and shape to vehicles. Good quality chassis equipment is necessary to raise the life and effective management of your automobiles. The chassis assembly is mainly used for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, motorcycles, and much more in order to integrate the strong structure.

Contrax-Tech is a prominent chassis assembly manufacturer and supplier to reduce the complexities of the automobile production process. Our vast experience in the field of vehicle equipment helps us to deliver a wide choice of variants to the end consumers. From start to finish, we perform all the management, delivery and installation tasks to fulfill the requirements of the automotive industry. Our chassis production team simplifies the entire process by providing a complete line of assembly with genuine testing and torque equipment.

Supply High-Quality Chassis after Verifiable Testing and Inspections

At Contrax-Tech, we understand that automotive body structure is a substantial capital investment for automobile manufacturers. With our vast experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying of chassis assembly system, we have the ability to serve the finest equipment to a number of vehicle makers and automotive companies as per their specific requirements.

Be it lean manufacturing stations, fixtures or fully automated production lines, our technical team has a great proficiency and understanding to build an effective solution for all your manufacturing needs. Our proven background in assemblies, testing, vision, and material handling system enables us to offer a reliable automation solution that fits your needs in an effective manner.

So look no further and count on our chassis assembly for all your automobile manufacturing needs.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies work best to transmit electrical and communication signals from one point to another. Instead of using loose wire harness and cables, it is better to gather the cables and connect it to the circuit. This can help to make your installation process less time consuming, simpler and efficient.

At Contrax-Tech, we provide custom cable assemblies for various kinds of industries such as automotive, telecommunication, military, aerospace and medical. Our in-house team of professionals is capable of designing, prototyping, packaging, and complete testing to produce strong cable for the benefit of end-users. Our cable assembly can help to add power to your automobiles, airplanes, hardware, medical devices, and computers. With our stronghold experience in custom cable manufacturing and supply, we are proficient enough to deliver appropriate manufacturing solutions that can help to meet all your requirements.

Cable Assembly – Cost Saving and Powerful for Many Applications

Contrax-Tech is truly dedicated to providing the reliability and finest quality products through controlled manufacturing process. We highly concentrate on the constant improvement of our wires and cable collection to raise our standard and provide timely deliveries to our customers. We also use a wide range of testing equipment to erase the defects completely and ensure to offer 100% satisfaction to our clients. We are proud to be the most skillful and efficient cable assembly provider for any application.

Our custom cable assembly features flat ribbons, weatherproofing technology, VGA & USB connector points, soldered terminations, wrapping, and a lot more. Our team can help to produce high-quality cable assembly that is suitable to overcome the challenges of different industries while keeping the cost low.

Explore our selective range of cables, testing fixtures, and connectors to increase the productivity of your industry.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Contrax-Tech is a one-stop destination for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly prototype and manufacturing services. Our professional team pays complete attention to each aspect and assemblies are tailored in order to provide higher flexibility and satisfy the specific demands of the clients. With an in-depth knowledge of wire assemblies, we ensure to use hi-tech equipment, methods and efficient process to supply the finest quality of PCBs. Our PCB ensures to increase your product performance, accuracy, and consistency.

Our printed circuit board (PCB) assembly is applicable for all electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and much more. Since our products are rigid and flexible, it can be used across a wide range of industries such as healthcare, electrical, industrial, automotive, aerospace, maritime, telecommunications, military and defense. We are proficient enough to increase productivity and efficiency while declining manufacturing cost and time.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services – Reliable, Affordable and Fit for All Needs

Along with the growth in the digital era, we always make sure to grow our capabilities and fulfill the complex requirements of our customers. We provide effective solutions for both surface mount and thru-hole mounting that feature better speed, additional competencies, and precision.

At Contrax-Tech, we offer diverse assembly abilities that enable our clients to access them for all kinds of PCBA purposes. Over the past years, we have gained a vast experience in serving full-turn key as well as partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly services. Be it a small interconnect board or complete module, we have got everything covered related to manufacturing, testing, and timely deliveries.

Get in touch with us to give a great mechanical and electrical support to your electronic components!

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