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The results of our quality program that is based on ISO9000 Standards, MIL-I-45208, MIL-2000, and IPC610-B specifications are evidenced by numerous customer letters of appreciation, awards, and consistent high quality acceptance rates has proven that careful planning, thorough testing and excellent workmanship is key in producing a quality product. Our philosophy is quality must be built into the product and cannot be inspected or tested into the product. Contrax provides black box testing through Genrad in-circuit testing that provides customers with zero defects. Our quality manual is available for review by our customers at their request. We view each customer as a very important member of our quality assurance team and your continued satisfaction is our greatest measure of our quality success. Our Quality Control department is flexible enough to respond to modifications that meet our customer’s requirements. Visual inspection under state of the art microscope. Inspection of material being received.

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