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About Us

Since being founded in 1987, Contrax Technologies has grown from 1500 square feet to 12,000 square feet and is looking to expand further in the near future.

Contrax Technologies is a privately owned, independent electronics based, full service technology company specializing on printed circuit board surface mount/through-hole technology, cable and chassis assembly, computer integration, and in-circuit and functional testing services for both the commercial and government markets. Contrax is a sales driven organization that emphasizes assurance and customer satisfaction. Nothing is too small or too big for Contrax – we do small to large production runs and quick turnaround.

Our talented management and technical staff have progressively evolved, which assures continuing strength and growth within the company.

We possess diverse capabilities. Our scientific and technical skills combined with a progressive quality assurance program have kept us ahead in this rapidly changing and highly competitive industry. We also offer design/engineering services for those companies who require it.  We at Contrax are constantly on the move.

There are several distinguishing factors that contribute to our successful standing standing as a reliable supplier:

  • We make the best of our most important asset: our people who are proud of their contribution to the manufacture of your product.
  • Our commitments:
    • High Quality,          
    • Competitive Pricing,
    • Customer Support,
    • Engineering Support,
    • Profitable Growth,
    • On-Time Deliveries,
    • Automated Manufacturing,
    • Cost Savings Ideas 
  • Contrax offers kitted and turnkey assembly that includes material procurement, assembly and testing. 
  • Contrax also does prototype layout and prototype runs.

Contrax Technologies views their customers as partners and they view us as their manufacturing arm, therfore, we work very close with them to assure a mutually beneficial and successful relationship. 

Contrax Technologies extends an invitation to any firm in need of Electronic Contract Manufacturing to visit our facility and to become a satisfied and valued customer. 

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